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#1 - More singing !!

Real singing from the tippy toes. No mouthing just the LA - LA - LA lyrics. 

Have your very own personal Mitch Miller Sing-Along. Sing-along to songs like

**ESP.** like :  MUSTANG SALLY

the Wilson Pickett version

Check it out : You won’t be the same.

Be sure to : Turn it up really really loud.

Your entire existence your whole being will instantly effortlessly gladly glide shift to a much higher ground.

Hallelujah. No body I mean No Body can quietly sit still listening to this song. 

Tah rah rah boom dee yaeh.

It will rock your world.

And rock you out of yours.

The instant cure for doldrums.

#2 - More remembering about how Karma works.

It always does = Work.

One does not need to jump into messes to make them “right.”

Correct “problems” that you “ think ” “need ”  “ fixing.”

Karma will do the work. All the beautiful work. She got this.

And only when the just right time is just right.

What goes around comes around. Balance.

The full circle of life y’all.

Circular vibrating universal all is spinning orbiting rotating energy in-motion.

Remember where we live ? On a twirling ball of rock flying through space.

An inherited phenomena of being here includes the Law of Karma.

#3 -   Make stuff.

Make more cool stuff. Good golly gracious.

For Heaven’s Sake. For Your Sake. For Our Sakes : Create. Invent. Get inspired.










Light up.


Bring into existence an original alive treasured trove

that only you could have made happen.

Think small. Think big.

A happening ? A dance ? Drum beats ? A party ? A tune ? A song ?

A warm big bear hug ?

Make Stuff could even mean a "verb."

Make Stuff could even mean a verb like make stuff happen.

Howze about putting together a giant sized Happiness for somebody else ?

Make it happen. Only you can do that.

#4 - Less complaining.

And, forget about the whining, too.

** Numero # Ono. **

The Main Big Deal.

The MotherLode Deal.

++The Real Deal.++

The Super Dope.

Gotta splinter in the foot ? Stop dah limping.

Take care of dah business. Your business dah. Pull dee honk-honking loud obtrusive hurting your being and footsie splinter boulder out.

Quit advertising accentuating empha-super-sizing sharing the fact

to/with everybody who crosses your oh woe is me splintery path.

Is it really THAT bigga badda boom dee yeah Bad ??

Strap on those tappity tap shoes that got those pom poms on them

and don your brightest and pink pinkest of Tu-Tu-s, Too-Toos.

Sah-shay-around. Moon walk. Walk down the aisle. Get sparkly. Shine.

#5 - Less worry about what others think.

Those out-there Others mingling around outside of  you.

You know whom I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

The ones out there who you think you need to massively impress.

You think you need their approval to feel good about your own self.

You desire their validation and acceptance for your own self to be

a kick ass rockin’ sparkly glittery self.

Give yourself a big self hugging gift of self-acceptance.


Self says to self you just plain rock self.

By just being self.

Don’t need no fixin’ no messin’ wit no nothin need doin'

Be way way AOK with : How you is. Your air guitar rock star self

Lawddy lawd have mercy upon my soul.

Why "bless my pointy little head" as my dad Red Faulkner would perfect pitch in.

Do I have a witness ?

Be you. Be All completely You. You know who you Are.

On the inside You Inn There residing Innside.

None preoccupations bout the peoples round you needed. You got it all.

You got it all going on.

Lifelong inner strong truth to me-self self : I know who I am.

Holding this truth to be self-evident cancels out the what does so and so think of me ? So what.

Sooooo .....

Inter-related and very similar with don’t worry about what other

doofussy people out there in the real and the fake for goodness sake

in the thumbs up Twittery TikTokitty Facelookitty like-me Land think is :

less worry about looking foolish.

who cares. Might as well jump.

Take a leap. have some

try something new fun. Into the unknown.

And say, …what about this word : worry. Worry ? Why, worry is only an imaginary invisible non-existinct non-existing is not real make believe conceptual hoity toity concept not real idea angst inducing empty hollow air vacuum space inside your cranium numbskull  that just takes up Alotta square acreage yardage inches feet milage and space and obliterates and pulverizes any possible tranquility. Worry crushes it Man and WhoaMan !! Place an embargo on heavy baggage worry cargo. Veto worry at the no trespassing gate. Boycott the worry from materializing & using up space in your peace of mind.



Now !!


Onto more points. 

** Extra credit. **

Two Bonus Tracks included.

Two Extra-Cirricular Gold Stars.

The Added in-Addition-Two Pluses + +

Two Wing-Zee-Zingers. Two more Whoppers.

Whoop - Tee- Doo !! Super Fly Stars :

Add these two following numbered entries

to this year’s already top five reportoire of 2024-non-resolutions-only-just-really Sparkly Mantras fun and the world is your oyster. Or. How about this. In other words : Ahem !

You Can Do Anything You Wish

or Go Anywhere You Want in Your Life Because

You Have the Ability To Do So.

Or how about : Sort of Seinfeld-like : You, will, truly Be :

“The Master of Your Own Domain.”

Here we go -  onto the extra extra credit :

#6 -  Add more color to your life.

Look at how many different colors there are !!

Real color.

Brilliant color.

The color Red.

Strong color not pastel or shades. Pure living alive energetic color.

I dare you. Ha !! I double dare you. Wear some clothes that are not

khaki-tan-black and feel the difference in your psyche. In your circulation.

In how you relate to the world. Knowing meself as you do, I’m sure no surprises here coming from moi, because, for me, personally, intrinsically :

Color is : everything in my world.

Color is : my personal god.

Color is : how I operate.

Color is : how I process the world.

Color is : essential. It is who I am.

Color is : powerfully elemental to my welfare.

Color is : key to my well being.

I equate kodachrome as if it is one of my

chromosomal senses like :

seeing hearing spectrum tasting touching being

Less beige buff blah bland boring blase’ grey tan taupe tired out drab dreary dull dingy droopy dismal mediocre mundane monotonous all worn out tuckered out yawn hohohohumdrum dumbley fumbley stumbley bumbley pale putty safe stale melba toast colorless overcast gloomy non-color zzzzz lethargic. Neutral. impartial. Un-blah-biased. Indifferent. Detached. Indistinct. Removed. Run of the mill. Commonplace. Disinterested. Disinteresting. Not interested. Not interesting.

The world is neutral blah because : Peoples are Afraid of Color.

Deathly afraid scream yell hide cover your eyes up with your hands in fear.

In shock. In disbelief. OMG. Oh no. Too bright. Too exciting. Too Too Overboard.

Strong color to most Peoples is just : Way Too Too Too Much.

Too much what ?? Fun.

#7 -

I wish to thank my fellow good friend and artist school

best chum from Toronto’s Ontario Art College days

Heather Franklin

One of her personal wishes for the 2024 new year is :

“Surprise yourself.”

Which pretty much covers

"every little thing she does is magic"

everything sums it all up into two brilliant simple words ….

“Surprise Yourself.”

Yes, Peoples are Afraid of the Unknown.

Thee bigga Leap of Faith to Jump into Surprises.

Take a Leap.

Take leaps. Flap your arms.

Surprise Yourself.

Shout out “now or never.”

Do the unexpected.

Refrain : Abstain : the mundane.

the routine.

the inane.

the insane.

the brain-eth drain-eth .

Switch off the Blah A-I robotic automaton on automatic not too many synapses fireworks firing by succumbing surrendering laying down flat on your back to machine-like less thinking, less leaping ...

less jumping up & down in excitement

less way of living life.

Living less which means Being less.

Hey You. Yah You. Take away from this krisstalore site only two words.

That is all. Take away only two words from all

this goobly gobbly gook gooey mess of wordy words all jumbly mumbly

numbered seven long - asking for "more this!! & less that!!" -

those entries list of whoo hoo sparkly 2024 mantras.


Remember two words.

For this up and coming unprecedented will continue to be unprecedented coming

new 2024 unprecedented year, thank you fraility.

Take these two words with you :   



“Surprise yourself.”

Let’s do this. In 2024. Fly.

........sparkly sparkly sparkly.........

*Please note !! - - - featuring these super stars :

  • "Doodles." by SuperFly Ace Sketch Artist Joe Strell

  • "Take leaps. Flap your arms."portrait starring fellow Love of Color Artist Jennifer Bowman.

  • "Build." starring Maestro Master Builders Chris Dickman & Cody Sedgewick from Sedro-Wooley, WA.

  • "Surprise Yourself" portrait surprisingly starring the surprised Joe Strell.

  • Mao portraits courtesy Museum of Modern Art SF, CA. Artist Andy Warhol

  •  Heather Franklin's hand sewn jeans skirt. She used soft chamois light buttery yellow leather for the inset. Please refer to the previous "CONNECTIONS W/THINGS" story, which talks about my very own hand sewn ankle length embroidered jeans skirt, named "baby."

  • "Draw" portrait starring Artist extraordinaire' Mary Iverson, teacher and the Art Chair at Skagit Valley Community College, WA.


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