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ANCESTOR.y story by Kris Strell

Mt. Erie encloses around me as I listen, hearing the echoes of my ancestor's timbre of tones.

Encircling currents carry their memory, their music, songs, tunes, and ashes of their bones.

Stars&Stripes Forever serenaded my dad with piccolo solo that day as he march out in style.

Frankie crooned All The Way to my mom on that very last day as I sway holding her bouquet.

Satchmo smiles Hello Dolly Durante whispers As Time Goes By and Lennon chants Imagine.

Inside soundtracks of music soar on lifting us, the vibrations live on! Yes, our uniting passion.

The bones the bones of mom & dad now sky bound besides landlocked molding my marrow

Inside me still pulsate grandpa grandma and scores of unknowns summoning my tomorrows.

The din the noise the conglomeration of vibes combine altogether creating mine Inner Tribe.

My fire my electric non-stopping synapses transmit & hold all the ones I once loved. We jibe!

Mutual enumerations harmonic configurations reside within us all once upon a moment why?

Our inner heritage includes bearded dragons, spotted panda, pelicans, penguins, dragonfly.

Earth the rocks the stars are ours. Recipes fine-tuned for each & every being & superpower.

We be them they us. Calcium, phosphorus. Hydrogen, nitrogen. It's all a slurry so we flower.

The animals our brothers, the plants our sisters, the planets are forebears. No one is foreign.

The sun is our life. The moon our passage. The trees are our people. The seas are our kin.

I see all as one and the same great grandpapas great great grandmamas and all the rest.

Great great great oomph pa-pa-s passing the torch lighting our fires giving us their best.

Here today gone the morrow reappearing in new forms we have no time for lasting sorrow.

We a mixture an assemblage a collection superglued connection and oh so ready for action.

The glue ? the bond ? the epoxy-might embrace that holds us all in place in space in grace ?

The boundless timeless endless relentless steadfastness through thickness and dimness ?

The tenacious the gracious the spacious the bodacious audacious courageous and voracious

The dynamic volcanic demographic transatlantic ocean voyager charismatic nomadic

The traveler searching continents far and stride the truest the bluest into the wild, who ? ?

Blue Yonder the ponder the wonder the all, the all of the all, the whole of the all, the full all

The entirety the every the total who's the sum total ? the value, the worth, the integral : Love.


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