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T r e e z P l e e z

The bigger the better the badder the bestest. They tallest in height.

Ancient sentries. Stand up beings. Straight tall. Proud. Up. Upright.

So Noble. Majestically magnificent with impressive dignifiable might.

Grandfatherly. Great grandmotherly. Great great grand elderly sites.

Primordial primitive primeval pre-prehistoric Paleozoic period

400 million years ago the previous predecessor precursor prototypes

Appeared reared sired bred discovered preserved 40 foot tall pipes.

First trees wood trunk branches like palms in remotest China. Yipes !!

Friends of mine over the years many lived nearby as I witness their growth.

Their canopies like outstretched arms protection shade and solemn oaths.

Loyalty steadfastness faithful trustworthy stable steady true we knowth.

Each as constant companions copatriots comrades chums together, we, both.

Wood to build my cabin O2 to breathe dried fallen branches for campfires.

Tree networks underground communication lines sing like silent choirs.

Wiser older established the experienced trunks feed saplings. I admire.

The branch network holds cares creates abodes lodgings for all our flyers.

Strong sanctuary these guardians shelter human bird shrooms & the all

Selfless safekeeping these living umbrellas watch over y’all tall to small

Planted solid a new ring each year adapting to city cement the wild frontier.

Trees trees trees for you alone I cheer. We’re here to worship you and revere.

Doug fir bitchin’ banyan forever evergreen sequoia redwood pine the epic cedars

Mighty oak maple elm those deciduous scene stealers and blasts of color leaders

Willow walnut cherry teak apple pear lemon spruce cypress so much you provide

With pride you preside decide reside in stride fruit wood nuts so widely supplied.

Endless timeless ceaseless ageless everlasting refuge you, sacred being, I honor

Therefore I will care for stand for stand by your side and adore you more !!

Watch you roar soar to your glorious glory core and uproariously roar encore !!

Oh hardcore One. More I say & no to more deforestation destruction and War.


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