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Natty Prose : RingyDingy

RingyDingy by Kris Strell

Tele/Phone once a bulky fixture appliance planted in the one per home.

Used solely to converse betwixt two too far aways how now we can speak !!

Ring Hello Yes. It’s good to hear your voice. Where when Ok then. ByeBye.

Smart/Phone now joins us at the hip attached to every with interruptions galore

No more telephone camera calculator maps books banks encyclopedia postcards Newspapers recorders radios stereos stores or interchange interactions reactions

Cell de/Vice now used for likes tweets texts chats hacks spats and viruses

Scammers hammer away identities. Siri she speaks back when commands demand

Sticker Emojis now no more heartfelt personal expressions of worthy words

Selfie scht/Icks for the self regarders. Proxy pleasure for the pleasure seekers

All this & more 24/7 instant gratification no need for livelys replies peoples style

All at the touch of the finger tip peck pecking & tapdancing your way away

Lo/Oking down into a screen all day take a break? you say only with me cell

Mate best inseparable friend as the oblivious world revolves dissolves withdrawls

Relationships nature sounds smells sights neglected rejected go by undetected

Virtual/Ly the quick fix short attention span satisfaction distraction turn on

Preoccupied wide eyed even the real nearby are junky byebyes own little worlds

Laws required to ungrip unclasp unclench unclamp let go & focus eyes on road

Cell/Mate has permeated all existence we do not think when inside this box

So/called time saving convienenience consumes all our hours as we all walk

Down streets ride subways Head bowed down All bowed down we all fall down

To our now crowned ruling RingyDingy King.

[Signage at CITY LIGHTS BOOKSELLERS in SanFrancisco, Home of (natty) Beats]


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