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A Dream 'Bout Dylan

Last night I had a dream Bob Dylan standing there whoa right before mine eyes

I had then been given the chance to thank him for his music what an affect it had

On my life throughout my days making meaning and sense out of all my whys ?

On 9/11 Dylan sang sung right before me as I come home alone and began to cry

A song I sang & play that day on repeat: “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ”

The lyrics made clear the lyrics expressed the lyrics clairify and outrightly justify

Answering my why ? in a way that gave me solace strength and the will to be still

Understanding Dylan’s “come gather ‘round people” and his heed to call for all

The whole worldly words encompassed totality a broader reality a wide true view

Lifting me out of my own ego-mania the song uplift me off my feet. Away I flew

Joined by the hip to all the beings that agonized why that day, Bob unites us you

The new road ahead must be accepted “the present now will later be past” adeiu

I read the words of Dylan and right before my eyes I hear January sixth the coup

His lyrics a premonition, play on repeat evolutionary the rise and the fall of it all

My past singular why becomes a current battle cry a warning signal an alarm call

Yes the times are changing tho I heed a rebroadcast a rerun a replica a ditto echo

Rising up we “better start swimmin” or we’ll “sink like a stone” yes it is known

Together strong, right the wrongs, stand up backbone to the backwards prone

The times the morals the values they truly are a changing folks we best beware

What’s good is bad what’s bad is good it seems insanity rules our days be aware

What is fair and square is now rare & nowhere. I do declare : despair or care ? ?


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